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Macromedia Contribute

Macromedia Contribute for Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide)

Option 3: Self Updating

If a member of your organisation has web skills we will supply them with FTP and password details. You can then update your own site as required.

For many organisations a major problem lies in identifying someone capable of updating the site. This problem has largely been solved with the release of Macromedia Contribute.

Contribute allows non-technical people to update a website without spoiling the site structure or design. Typically, a complete novice can be creating and updating webpages in just a few hours. If you make a mistake - no problem - you can undo mistakes by reverting to a previous "correct" version of the page.

You can also have different user groups. This means that different users can maintain and update their own sections of the website without interfering with other users.

You will need to purchase the software yourself and each machine must have it's own copy. You could purchase just one copy and let all your users update the site using the same machine.

If you wish we can install and configure the software for you, set up the various user groups, and provide user training.

The cost for installation, configuration, setting up user groups and training is £250 - the equivalent of 10 hours paid updates. This training will pay for itself many times over during the lifetime of your site.

We will then administer the site remotely and will set up additional user groups upon request at no extra charge.

If you prefer, you can work your way through a simple tutorial which is included with the software. Contribute also includes a comprehensive help system detailing all of the Contribute features.

Contribute is an easy, cost-effective way to maintain and update your website. You can add, delete and update your content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with just the click of a few buttons.

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Download the FREE Acrobat Reader

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