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Counters & Clocks

There are 100's of free scripts and utilities available on the Internet. Many of these utilities are already configured on our servers. It is FREE and very easy to add these features to your site.


Clients of mickwood.com have access to a variety of server statistics programs via their Personal Control Panel. These programs provide detailed statistics on just about anything you can think of related to their site visitors. (N.B. NOT personal information).

If you would like to display a site counter as well - no problem! Our counters can be customised in various ways.

  • More than 30 counter styles
  • with or without border
  • customised border colour and thickness
  • edit the starting count number - nobody wants to be number 23 :-)

A sample example follows:-


The following clock is available in both 12 hour (left) and 24 hour format (right) for any time zone in the world. The following clocks are set for GMT.

The following Java Applet Clock can be customised in a variety of ways.

  • 12 or 24 hour time format, both including seconds
  • border on or off
  • a choice of 10 background & foreground colours
  • with or without date

A few examples follow.

Note: If the two rows clocks are displaying different times your system clock is incorrect. Check out worldtimeserver.com for further information and a FREE Atomic Clock Utility.

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