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Domain Name Handbook

Top Level Domains (TLD's)

The Top Level Domain part of a Domain Name appears right at the end of the Domain Name, such as bbc.co.uk.

Most geographical territories have a specific two-letter code, like .uk, which is called a country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).

There are several TLDs which are not specific to a geographical location - these are known as generic Top Level Domains such as .com or .org.

Organisations usually select a TLD which corresponds to the country in which they are operating, and some organisations choose to register Domain Names in several different TLDs.

In general, organisations based in, or wishing to market themselves, in the UK use a Domain Name ending .uk.

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Domain Name Resources

How to use the Simple Domain Name Search Tool (FLASH - 449KB)

Domain Name Analyser
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Nominet UK
Registry for .uk internet

Information regarding
Internet domain name
registration services.

Domain Name Essentials
Articles & information
about domain names.

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