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Web Email Version 1.0 - User Guide

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Using Web Email

When you logon to Web Email, you are directed to the Inbox folder by default. From here, you can:

Each of the above topics will be covered in detail.

Inbox Screen

NB. If you click on the green cross by the side of the senders name the senders email details are added to your address book.

Changing Folders

To change to a different folder, click on the drop down menu in the top left corner and select the desired folder:

Drop down box for changing folders

Changing Sort Order

Changing the sort order or your e-mail is easily done by clicking on Date, Sender, Subject, or Size using the "sort headers" as shown below. The Ascending Sort Order and Descending Sort Order arrows denote ascending and descending sort order repectively.

Sort Header

Viewing E-Mail Status

The picture below shows the four different kinds of e-mail status.

Status Collumn
1. An empty box = previously read e-mail.
2. Attachment Icon = previously read e-mail with an attachment.
3. New E-Mail = new or unread e-mail.
4. New E-Mail Attachment Icon = new or unread e-mail with an attachment.

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