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Color Wheel Pro
Color Wheel Pro Screenshot

QSX Software Group


Color Wheel Pro - a unique software program that allows you to see color theory in action. With Color Wheel Pro, you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

  • Ability to Preview Color Schemes on Real-World Examples
  • Classic and Freeform Color Schemes
  • Palette Export
  • RGB and RYB Color Wheel Types
  • Presets for Each Color Scheme
  • HTML and RGB Color Codes
  • Add Your Own Preview Images
  • Price - only $39.95 (About £25.00)

I love this program. As a Web developer and designer it can sometimes be difficult to get inspiration for new Web sites. This program makes selecting prospective colour schemes easy - a must for all Web developers and designers.

Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity

Jakob Nielsen


The title says it all.
Paperback - 429 pages
ISBN: 156205810X
Approximate Price: £35.00 - $31.50

Amazon Reviews:

226 (28 UK - 198 US)

Average Rating:

4 + out of 5


I read this book. Required reading if you are going to design your own website. Over 200 reviews.

FREE Websafe Colour Guide
FREE Websafe Colour Guide

Mick Wood


This tool, inspired by www.visibone.com, is useful for creating websafe style sheets. You can also see how websafe colours appear to people with various colour confusion conditions. There are no instructions - just explore the various icons and buttons (as indicated by the arrows above). The websafe colour guide is FREE to download - no restrictions - although I would ask that you sign the guestbook and let me know that you have downloaded the guide.


Websafe Colour Guide - SWF Version (260 KB)

Websafe Colour Guide - EXE Version (628 KB)

Websafe Colour Guide - Zipped SWF Version (210 KB)

Websafe Colour Guide - Zipped EXE Version (404 KB)

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