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Quick 'n' Easy Content Management System

The QnECMS is the most standards compliant and accessible Content Management System on the market. QnECMS is written in PHP and uses MySQL for data storage. Mick Wood has been closely involved in the development of the QnECMS, in collaboration with Jim Byrne, the Senior QnECMS program developer and founder of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers.

Precious Women

The Precious Women Website is built using the QnECMS.

QnECMS is a feature rich, powerful and affordable online CMS suitable for small business, churches, voluntary sector, non-profit organisations and personal use. Users don't need to know HTML to add or edit pages. The actual design of the site is up to you. You can design your site in you favourite WYSWYG application (e.g. Dreamweaver) or by hand using a text editor. You then add the code you have created to the header and footer templates of the QnECMS. Of course mickwood.com can help with designing your site and updating the QnECMS templates.

The QnECMS includes a Blogging tool, an easy 'forms creation' tool, a built-in Mailing List feature enabling users to send news to registered members, and a Photo Gallery plugin to easily create and add photo galleries to your site.

At £60 per annum the QnECMS costs a fraction of the price of similarly CMS and is much easier to use. If purchased as part of our CMS Starter Hosting Plan the QnECMS only costs £45 per annum - a 33% discount!

Website Management

Users can manage/edit/update their Website from anywhere in the world. For example, whilst you are on a train with your laptop and a wireless connection or in an Internet Cafe in a city far from home.

Web Page Editing Tools

A variety of Web page editing tools are incorporated into the QnECMS. Users don't need to know anything about (X)HTML.

XStandard (Lite)

XStandard provides WYSWYG editing and is supported on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP on the following browsers, IE 5+, Mozilla 1.7.5+, Firefox 1.0+, Netscape 8.0+. The editor generates XHTML Strict or 1.1.

To use XStandard (Lite) you need to install a plugin which you can download in either an executable (4.31 MB)or zipped (4.29 MB) format.


A Mac and PC WYSWYG editor, with multiple browser support; Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox and Safari.

PHP Markdown

PHP Markdown is a text to HTML converter. You just type and it adds the HTML code for you. Suitable for simple, quick editing PHP Markdown works in any browser on any platform.

(X)HTML Editing

For those who prefer to use (X)HTML the QnECMS allows users to turn off all of the above editors giving you the freedom to code your Web pages by hand.


  • New Simple work-flow feature
  • Approve content before it goes live.
  • Add a new page with one click.
  • Edit any page on the site you are viewing with one click.
  • Decide whether you want to allow comments on any page.
  • Hide changes to a page until you are ready to make them public.
  • Create members only pages.
  • View a list of all pages - alphabetically or by date.
  • Upload an image using a web page form.
  • View previously uploaded images.
  • Resize images on-the-fly as they are uploaded (real resizing, not just changes to height and width attributes).
  • Upload a thumbnail and a larger image and have them automatically linked.
  • Accessible standards based html is created automatically for you when you upload your image.
  • Upload a file, e.g., Word, PDF, .zip.
  • The HTML for the link to the uploaded file is created for you.
  • View previously uploaded files.
  • Create navigation bars.
  • Add any navigation bar to any page.
  • Edit or delete a navigation bar.
  • Create categories so that you can logically group your web pages.
  • Index pages are created automatically. All pages added to a particular category are listed on that categories index page.
  • Breadcrumbs navigation is created automatically.
  • Edit or delete a category.
  • Modify members details.
  • Add new members
  • Upgrade a member to CMS administrator.
  • List all members.
  • Send an email to all members
  • Turn on Search Engine friendly urls.
  • Change your password.
  • Retrieve your password if you can't remember it.
  • Show latest content added to the site on home page (or other pages).

Weblog Facility

  • Add a weblog entry with a single click.
  • Weblog entries are automatically available as RSS feeds via the RSS icon url.
  • Weblog entries have permalinks.
  • Comments can be added to weblog entries.
  • Comments for weblog entries can be turned off.
  • Weblog entries are archived automatically.
  • Each Weblog entry can be mailed to all members automatically.
  • Weblog entries and archived entries can be edited by administrators or the member who created the weblog entry.

Comments System

  • Comments can be added to the bottom of any page on the site.
  • Comments can be turned off for any page.
  • Comments can be added as (X)HTML or text.
  • When text only, carriage returns are converted to breaks.
  • Urls are converted to links automatically.
  • Email addresses are hidden behind a 'post' form.
  • Posters can choose to hide the email address altogether.
  • The IP address of those adding comments is captured and stored in the database.
  • The site administrator and author of the page is emailed when a comment is added.
  • The email to the administrator or page author contains a link to delete the comment.
  • Administrators can deleted comments directly from the page the comment appears on.

FREE Plugins

  • Forms creator
  • Tell a friend
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact form
  • Search this site
  • Register for news
  • Site map
  • 'Dead' page killer
  • Website poll

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